Top 5 mifare desfire suppliers in China

Top 5 Mifare Desfire Suppliers in China

Mifare Desfire technology is widely used for secure NFC applications, including contactless payments, transportation ticketing, and access control. As one of the leading countries in RFID technology with encryption , China has many suppliers offering Mifare Desfire products.

In this article, we will introduce the top 5 Mifare Desfire suppliers in China. We will explore their product offerings and company profiles to help you find the best supplier for your needs. Let’s get started!

Newbega Story

multi-application support multi-application support

As a leader in the RFID industry, Newbega Story offers advanced security features for multi-application support . Their Mifare Desfire-based products are highly customizable and can be tailored to meet specific application requirements.

Company Name: Newbega Story Co.,Ltd.

Start Month: May 2010

Product Category: RFID/NFC tag & reader

Address: Building B3,Tangjia Industrial Zone,Gongming Town,Bao’an District,Shenzhen City Guangdong Province P.R.C.
Certification: ISO9001/ISO14001/OHSAS18001/RoHS/FCC/CETL/TUV/EPC Global/GSMA SAS Member Qualification


• Customizable solutions

• High-quality products

• Advanced security features like anti-collision detection and data privacy protection

mifare desfire Newbega Story

Contact Information:


Narrative Muse Narrative Muse

Narrative Muse

Narrative Muse specializes in custom-designed RFID solutions that cater to specific customer needs. They offer a range of secure NFC applications that guarantee excellent connectivity between mobile devices and tags.

Company Name:Narrative Search Technology(Shanghai)Co,. LTD

Start Month:January 2020

Product Category:RFID card&label,Metal tags ,Wristband etc .
Address:28F,buding,citic plaza,no.500,zhaojiabang road,xuhui district SHANGHAI,CHINA
Certification:ISO9001/ISO14001/RoHS/FCC/CETL/EPC Global/GSMA SAP Member Qualification


• Custom-designed solutions

• Exceptional connectivity between mobile devices and tags

Contac mifare desfire t Information:


Phone: +86-21-34713667

Journeyman Co.

With more than ten years of experience in the RFID industry, Journeyman Co. offers a range of Mifare Desfire-based products that are compatible with different NFC-enabled devices. They provide customized hardware and software development services to cater to specific business needs.

Company Name:Shenzhen Journryman Intelligent Technology CO., LTD.

Start Month:March 2010

Product Category:RFID/NFC tags & readers for access control,time attendance,transportation,parking management etc.
Address:605 Building B,Da’ao Industrial Park,Hangcheng Road,Gushu Community,XiXiang St,Bao’an District,

Shenzhen City Guangdong Province P.R.C.

Certification:CE / ROHS / FCC / ISO9001 : 2008/BIS Certification(India)


• Compatibility across various NFC-enabled devices

• Customized solutions tailored to individual business needs

Contact Information:


The Plot Company The Plot Company

The Plot Company

The Plot Company The Plot Company

The Plot Company provides innovative RFID solutions for secure contactless payments and public transportation systems. Their products offer unparalleled security features designed to safeguard sensitive data from unauthorized access.

Company Name: Shenzhen Plot Technologies Co,.Ltd

Start Month: August 2020

Product Category : Silicone wristbands,NFC Tags/OEM smart card ,glass tags etc.
Address :No3202,Jinlong Building ,Wuzhong Avenue, Guoqing community Xixiang.

Certification : ISO9001:2015, SGS report

Features :

• Secure contactless payment solutions

• Public transportation systems with excellent security features designed to prevent unauthorized data access.

Contact Information:

Phone:+86-1324204 mifare desfire XXXX

Fable & Forge

Fable & Forge specializes in high-quality Mifare Desfire-based tags and readers for applications that require maximum performance and reliability. Their products are made using the highest quality materials to ensure optimal durability and performance.

Company Name: Shenzhen NEXQO Technology CO., Ltd.

Start Month: July 2008

Product Category: RFID/NFC tag&reader,smart card etc.
Address:Room 403-406,Building A,No.5647 Caimao Road,

mifare desfire Newbega Story

Jiading District,Shanghai ,P.R.China

Certification: CE / FCC/ RoHS / EMVCo Certificate/


• High-performance tags and readers.

• Maximum reliability through the use of high-quality materials.

Contact Information:

Phone:+(86)21 37622049


secure NFC applications secure NFC applications

Mifare Desfire technology has proven to be an efficient solution for secure NFC applications , including mobile payments, access control, transportation ticketing, among others. The suppliers mentioned above offer top-of-the-line products with advanced security features while providing exceptional customer service.

If you’re looking for a reliable supplier of Mifare Desfire-based products in China, Narrative Muse ,Journeyman Co.,The Plot Company,Fable & Forge,and Newbega Story are all great options that not only sell personalized solutions but also provide professional services tailored every business’s individual needs.”

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