Top 5 Best start-stop car battery suppliers in the US

Top 5 Best Start-Stop Car Battery Suppliers in the US


Start-stop car batteries are gaining popularity due to their innovative designs and fuel efficiency. These batteries provide a more eco-friendly option for vehicles by improving fuel economy and reducing emissions. Today, we have compiled a list of the top five best start-stop car battery suppliers in the US.

Start-Stop Car Batteries Explained

Start-stop system battery Start-stop system battery

A Start-stop system battery is designed to provide power to turn over an engine when starting while also handling high loads from numerous electrical accessories continuously. Energy recuperation system (ERS) batteries, regenerative braking system (RBS) batteries, auto start-stop batteries, and smart energy management system (SEMS) batteries are all subsets of this type.

JYC Battery

JYC Battery is one of the leading manufacturers of start-stop car batteries worldwide with its headquarters located in Shenzhen, China. Established in 2000, they expanded into the United States market as a vrla battery supplier since 2012.

Renata Batteries Renata Batteries

Renata Batteries

Renata Batteries Renata Batteries

Renata Batteries has been providing superlative quality products since it was founded back in 1952. A Swiss Company focused on precision workmanship which enables accuracy even at microscopic scales.. Renata produces rechargeable lithium-cell watches or electronic devices that need low current drains but require long life spans

GP Batteries

Since May 1964 GPB International Limited succeeded GPHK Investment Holdings Limited an investment holding company producing consumer ele start-stop car battery ctrochemical products such as alkaline batteriess,lithium polymer cells etc . Their commitment to sustainability includes implementing manufacturing processes that minimize harm to human health and safety.

Varta Varta


Varta Varta

For over one hundred thirty years , Varta AG has specialized primarily making lead acid based automotive/ industrial batteries holding strong values such as environm start-stop car battery ental conservation through proper recycling programs across multiple locations internationally .

The Products available:

JYC: Branded Start Stop JYC Battery / JYCBATT AGM / JYCBatt EFB
Renata Batteries: Primary Coin Cells, Secondary Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer Rechargeable batteries. As well as microbatteries for miniaturised electronic devices.
GP Batteries: Alkaline non-recharegable , primary, renewable low current drain coin cells for backup supplies
Varta : Industrial/automotive battery range of lead-acid producers including automotive/powersports/agriculture with different Ah capacity options.

Company Information

JYC Battery

Headquarters: Shenzhen, China

Founded: 2000 

Product Category: VRLA Battery Supplier 

Certificates & Awards:ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification,Certificate of Environmental Protection (RoHS) certification,Environmental Approvement Certificate,Management Regulations on the Safe Production License awarding certificate upon passing simultaneous audit by two institutions               

Renata Batteries Renata Batteries

Renata Batteries

Headquarters:Itingen,Basel-Landschaft Switzerland

Founded :1952   

Product Classification    Electronic components (OEM), power storage equipment& systems (B2C/B2B)
Certificates & Awards BMWi programme member supporting Digitalisation and Sustainable Energy Solutions in Swiss industry innovative companies

GP Batteries

Established Date:October-2009

Address are located at USA/Mountain Time Zone Area,Utah state,Park City5090 Serving Domestic market only to date – no international distribution noted on website thus far.

Varta US Locations:

Illinois based Corporate Subsidiary with many US locations include Menomonee Falls,Wisconsin headquarters site that provides to B2B OEM markets their products .ISO certifications welcome Safety Policies ranging from Environment safety in each production plant facility across worldwide sites .


Varta Varta

Start-stop car batteries offer tremendous benefits such as fuel efficiency, emissions reduction so it’s wise consider eco-friendly options at purchasing an automobile and the type of battery that is best for your needs in the future. Brands like JYC Battery , Renata Batteries, GP Batteries , and Varta provide superior quality products to auto manufacturers worldwide with more options growing by day.

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