Top 5 mifare desfire suppliers in China

Top 5 Mifare DesFire Suppliers in China

Mifare DesFire is a contactless smart card technology that offers high security and efficient communication between the card and the reader. It has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in applications where security is of utmost importance, such as access control systems, transportation ticketing, and e-payment.

China is one of mifare desfire the largest manufacturer countries for Mifare DesFire suppliers. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 5 Mifare DesFire suppliers in China.

Newbega Story

mifare desfire Newbega Story

First on our list is Newbega Story, which was established in 2007 and specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for secure identification. Its products include various types of contactless cards (such as RFID/NFC), magnetic stripe cards, barcode cards, etc., among which Mifare Desfire cards are their core products. The company’s headquarters are located in Shenzhen City.

Talecraft Co.

Talecraft Co., founded in 2010 with its corporate office situated at Kunshan City Jiangsu Province China , Talecraft Co.competes aggressively to stay ahead by identifying industry trends early that deliver ease-of-use & user convenience engineered into software-driven wireless lock system hardware platforms that work flawlessly together from mobile App to door locking devices made w/uncompromised quality parts engineering assembly installation & long-term reliability testing.

Fable & Forge

Next on our list is Fable & Forge. Established since year? And based out Guangzhou city,focusing on R&D and production of intelligent IoT locks from guest rooms,serviced apartments,SMB,Airbnb platform homestay sharing economy markets’ demand whose price /performance ratios beats global competition.Main product range covers BLE/ZigBee/wireless RF/Mechatronics/Hybrid networking models custom-tailored business development timelines making your projects implementation seamless adding customer value yet under budget.

Next Chapter Next Chapter

Next Chapter

Next Chapter Next Chapter

Third on our list is Next Chapter, which was founded in 2012 and specializes in the production of smart cards and RFID tags, including Mifare Desfire products. The company’s main customers are from various industries such as transportation, education, finance and retail. Next Chapter is located in Nanjing City.

mifare desfire Newbega Story

Narrative Goods

Fourth on our list is Narrative Goods,founded back to? And based out at Harbin city HeilongJiang Province China.Years-long efforts has won customer favor with its business nature devoted exclusively to highly-reliable access control devices like intelligent IoT handsets/social distancing Apps/face recognitions with substantial data protection designed & delivered for differing market segments’ needs.Certificates held by NG include ISO9001,QHTLC;Products range from:BLE/ZigBee/wireless RF/Mechatronics/Hybrid networking security solutions serving SMBs/global brand-name hotels,setc..

Journeyman Co.

Last but not least, we have Journeyman Co., established since year? And headquartered at Xiamen city Fujian Province CHINA.The company’s core business includes Mifare Desfire tech-based UHF mifare desfire reader modules,software customization among others,serving vending machine /parking lots/payments/self-check-in/smart homes etc.,All products will undergo rigorous reliability& environmental test beforehand .

mifare desfire Newbega Story

Each of these companies holds relevant certifications such as ISO9001 or QHTLC that assure their production quality meets international standards. Apart from being top suppliers of Mifare DesFire technology in China, they also offer a wide range of related technical services. If you’re looking for reliable and high-quality products, these five companies are some of the best options available.

To conclude, if you’re seeking Mifare DesFire suppliers in China, Newbega Story,Talecraft Co., Fable & Forge , NextChapter,NarrativeGoods and Journeyman Co. are all excellent choices, they offer comprehensive services ranging from product development to technical support.

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