Top 5 mifare desfire suppliers in China

Top 5 mifare desfire mifare desfire suppliers in China

Mifare Desfire is a type of contactless smartcard technology that has been widely popular in the field of access control and security. The technology offers high-level security, reliability, and flexibility which make it an ideal solution for various applications such as transport ticketing systems, identification systems, loyalty programs, etc. If you are looking for reliable Mifare Desfire suppliers in China then read on to know about the top 5 companies that have made their mark in this industry.

Newbega Story – An Introduction

Before exploring each company individually, let’s get familiar with Newbega Story. It is one of the leading distributors and exporters of RFID products including Mifare cards and readers. The company was founded in 2010 and since then it has gained immense popularity among clients globally due to its quality service and competitive pricing.

Talecraft Co.

Talecraft Co., established in August 2012 is an ISO-certified manufacturer of smartcards based on MIFARE DESFire EV1/EV2/Plus chips. They specialize in creating custom-made cards tailored exactly according to client requirements within a very short span of time.In addition to providing excellent products,Talecraft aims at offering services like data generation & encoding facilities while having multiple certifications available with them.They operate from Dongguan City,Huangjiang Town,Dagang Industry Area,Five Building.Block C/D,Gongye Road.Number three hundred four

Fable & Forge

mifare desfire Newbega Story

Founded back September’14 , Zhejiang Fableforge Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd specializes mainly on electronic certification design,sales,and technical development.Their key product range includes:swipe card chip,M1BUS card encryption logic,single-chip decryption program development service.Apart from their spec mifare desfire iality they also offer customized PCB boards,WIFI modules,micro switches,push-in switches,certificates,daily consumables etc.Fable & Forge is commited to create their brand as one of utmost reliability in the ever expanding Smart Card industry.

Next Chapter Next Chapter

Next Chapter

Next Chapter Next Chapter

Established way back in year 2010, Next chapter primarily deals with Mifare Desfire EV1/EV2 cards.They specialize in customized designs plus an additional advantage being a full suite services company.Active mainly on domestic orders they provide various options including data upload and packaging based on client requirements.Their office address – Shenzhen Huaqiangbei , Futian District, Shenzen

Narrative Goods

A Company that embarked on its journey this year itself; Narrative Goods is committed towards providing quality products for security situations such as employee badges, gift-cards besides data exchange medium.Their MIFARE® DESFire EV1/EV2/Plus are highly appreciated amongst clients worldwide.Narrative goods come cwith a whole new approach ensuring end-to-end encryption across all certificates.Against each purchase,they guarantee you with minimum warranty period of six months.Operational from Shanghai,unbranded samples can be requested through their online portals.

mifare desfire Newbega Story

Journeyman Co.

Journeyman Co. Journeyman Co.

Founded close around July’14 Journeyman Co. integrated design,R&D,sales& together product output all under one umbrella.They have made quite a mark present specifically by focusing primarily upon contactless smartcard readers apart from secure access control systems.Readers produced by them flexibly support different protocols like ISO14443A/B,MIFARE Classic/Mifare Desfire/Mifare Ultralight C,Jane Tag Type Identification Protocol and many more.As faras our last searches regarding head quarters- A Building,Fu’An Industrial Zone,LiShui Town,Nanhai District,Foshan City resides to be confirmed .

So if you’re looking for an efficient supplier of mifare desfire technology-based products then these top five companies are worth considering. Remember to always read up on each supplier’s product range, company policies and reviews to ensure you have the most secure and reliable sourcing experience.

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