Top 5 Flat belt conveyor suppliers in Russia

Top 5 Flat Belt Conveyor Suppliers in Russia

Flat belt conveyors are widely used in many industries for the transportation of goods and materials. They offer a practical and efficient solution for transferring products from one place to another. Flat belt conveyor systems have gained popularity due to their versatility, reliability, and low maintenance requirements.

In Russia, there are a number of companies that manufacture flat belt conveyor systems. The following is a list of the top 5 flat belt conveyor suppliers in Russia:

1. Wuxi Honghao Machinery Co., Ltd.

Wuxi Honghao Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and has been manufacturing flat belt conveyors ever since. They specialize in Horizontal belt conveyor s, Level belt conveyor s, and low profile conveyors for various industries such as food processing, packaging, pharmaceuticals, etc. Their factory is located at No 17-2 Lianhe Road East Taihu International Machinery City Wuxi Jiangsu Province China.

They have ISO9001 certification which guarantees quality management standards across all aspects of their business operations.

Their main feature is product customization according to customer requirements – providing bespoke solutions with high-quality products engineered by professional teams at competitive prices.

Contact details:

Mr Norman Han ( Sales Manager )


2. Nanjing Leji Precision Tool Technology Co., Ltd.
Nanjing Leji Precision Tool Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading company that designs and manufactures flat belt conveyor systems with its inception dating back to 2014.. The companys products are mainly used for assembly lines that require transport equipment or handling operations like press machines transfer between machine tools etc . They also provide customizations based on customers demands while maintaining an overall cost-friendly approach.

Their main features include stable performance , dependable functions , long service life , easy maintenance yet competitive costs without compromise on quality.

Flat belt conveyor Lianhe Machinery Co., Ltd.

Their factory located in No. 98, Huayang Road, Luhe Economic Development Zone, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province

Contact details:

Ms Sandra Zhang (Sales Manager )

Mobile Number/WhatsApp: +86-18018109755

3. Xinyu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Xinyu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in the year 2001,specializing towards manufacturing flat belt conveyor systems including customized options for multiple industries such as electronic factories , food processing units etc . The company operates within a large industrial zone encompassing of more than twenty thousand square meters ,equipped with advanced production lines and testing facilities that ensure reliable top-notch products.

The company complies with ISO9001 certification standards ensuring outstanding managem Flat belt conveyor ent operations throughout ensuring immence customer satisfaction.

Their main features include high-quality product engineering precision technology used to design their conveyors which meet all industry standard benchmarks coupled with sustainable after sales support for maintenance and customization enhancing overall life cycle cost efficiency..

Contact details:

Mr Carl Li ( Vice General Manager)

Mobile number/WhatsApp:+8615062951298

Email: or inf Flat belt conveyor

4. Changzhou Wujin Dongnan Machinery & Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.
Changzhou Wujin Dongnan Machinery & Electrical Appliance Co., Lt is an experienced manufacturer specializing in Low profile conveyor s That started operations since 1992.. Over the years they have accumulated vast technical expertise and diversified product portfolio offering turnkey solutions for many diverse sectors such as dairy line equipment manufacturing amongst others.

Flat belt conveyor Lianhe Machinery Co., Ltd.

All their products comply with CE-certified environmental protection regulations inline fulfilling stringent cleaning specifications 覺 making it easier to maintain clean work areas thereby developing efficient workflow processes。

Their branded feature includes Quality assurance(ISO9001), Speedy delivery time, Excellent parts supply chain management and after-sale support measures conforming to customer satisfaction.

Contact Details:

Mr. Jeffery Chen(Sales Manager)



5. Jiangsu Junsheng Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Junsheng Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is located in the center of technology innovation – Changzhou city, which boasts a strong engineering backbone all their conveyor solutions are highly customized according different sectoral usage needs ,with extensive testing involved, ensuring its seamless integration into existing or proposed systems。

Their flat belt conveyors specialization includes heavy-duty industry grade loading and conveying equipment for logistics warehousing departments etc but also product manufacturing lines such as printing presses , pharmaceutical/biotech make up application layers amongst other industrial areas>

Their main features include innovative designs,customized production capabilities with timely deliveries backed by technical experts accomplishing client demands within cost efficiency budgets whilst providing efficient after sale service.

Contact Details :

Mr Kevin Zhang (Sales Manager)


These 5 companies provide top-notch flat belt conveyor solutions for various industries across Russia along with excellent services catering from small orders to bulk orders . They have made it possible that products can be transported without human intervention reliably while improving work efficiency at an affordable cost.. Lianhe Machinery Co., Ltd. who were not mentioned here is another player worth considering due to them being known for its wide range of automation equipment solutions.various types of material transport systems including flat belt conveyors!

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