Top 5 Labeling Machine Suppliers in China

Top 5 Labeling Machine Suppliers in China

Labeling machines are a crucial requirement for product labeling, and its importance has increased over time due to the growing demand for packaged goods. A labeling machine is known for its precise execution when it comes to applying labels, be it stickers or tags. It has been widely used by different industries like food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and others.

China is one of the leading countries producing various types of mechanical equipment. When looking specifically at labeling machines, several major players dominate the market space with their high-quality products and excellent services. In this article, we will explore the top five companies that supply superior quality labeling machinery.

Shanghai Yingxin World Machinery Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Yingxin World Machinery Co., Ltd (YX Group) was founded in Shanghai City in 2003. As one of the leading manufacturers of automatic round bottle labelers production lines with serving more than 1200 clients all over worldwide markets yearly since establishment reputed company as an expert based on R&D team&QC systems.. YX Group specializes in designing and manufacturing sticker-labeling machine technology systems; including both rotary/labelling- heads-from single-head linear system upto high speed rotary model up to maximum capacity:18000BPH according to client’s requirements.This includes all kinds of customized solutions concerning labels as well as dispensers applicated from raw materials such as PP,PET,PVC & others laminates( Alu foil/Paper/);

Commencing operations – Since January 2003

Products sold – Rotary Bottle Labeler Systems

Address – No.228 Guiping Road ,Zhabei Districrt

Certifications – CE Marked from SGS Certification Services etc.
Special feature – Customized labelling solutions available
Contact details –,+8613921970197

Xinyu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Established in October 2014! Xinyu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is engaged in designing, developing and manufacturing high-quality automatic labeling machines. They specialize in producing self-adhesive labelers, automatic hot melt glue labeling machines as well as card/ sleeve machines.
Xinyu provides customized solutions for their customers’ product labeling needs. In addition to offering unique labelling machinery equipment systems with excellent quality and long-stand-plated after-sales service all around the world!
The company exports goods across several countries li Labeling Machine ke Italy, France, Spain etc.

Commencing operations – October 2014

Products sold – Self adhesive labeler /Automatic Hot Melt Squared Bottle Labeller/Sleeve Applicators/Dome Labellers;
Address – No.42 Jinjiang Road,Qianshan Industrial Park,Cixi Ningbo City
Certifications – ISO9001:2000 certified by DAS(UK)/Advanced equipments/multiple patents established in China&foreign countries etc..,
Special feature – Customized labelling machinery solutions available
Contact details –,+86 17768123058

Suzhou Tongda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Tongda Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.-one of the most specialized manufacturers & suppliers of high speed rotary Labeling Machines which can be applicated . Their primary business activities include production lines essential establishments flexible enough to work on various set-ups such as round bottle,laptops,tube,portable batteries,oil drums,max size up to armΦ190mm bottles et; among others-ink jet coding technology,is one-stop supporting service total solution useful towards clients worldwide besides offering professional technique support across an array such industries that need similar batch work sealing processes.

Commencing Operations – December 2005 ;

Products soled-Higher grade rotary Labeling Machine models applicable control factory a lot;’s/sealing/wiping/loading-storage system ect.operater automation portable battery charging device series products,maximum 25000BHP for the aforementioned products/also ultra-fast quadruple rotary labelling machine at a monthly producing rate of 80pcs.
Address – No.4379 Zizhu Road,Jinfeng Town,Zhangjiagang city
Certifications – Lianhe Machinery Co., Ltd. ISO9001:2000 certified by DAS(UK)/Patents established in China and abroad etc…
Special feature – Customized solutions available /Strict quality control system/After Sales Service Etc.
Contact details –,+86-13962269350;

Taizhou Jiebao Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.

Being commenced during April of the year 2017, Taizhou Jiebao Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd is a company that specializes primarily in manufacturing labeling machines, which has added many units across world market places since they started selling their varieties types to other clients around the globe! For example,Australia/New Zealand/North America/South America/Russia”;
They have more than ten skilled teams engaged specialized automation technology-and are fully committed towards eco-friendly hardware production dedicated making electric efficient investments as well maintaining overall one-stop service customer satisfaction.

Commencing operations – April 2017

Products Soled-Round Bottle labeler machines (up-to speed capacities able apply practically any round bottles according clientele requirements)… ;

Address – Xicheng Industrial Zone,Wenling City;

Certification(s)- SGS certification(ISO9001:2008)

Special feature(s) available-Customization Solutions/Welded Seamen’s Ship/Eco-Friendly System & More!


Kunshan Yitai Mould & Machine Factory

Kuntal Yitelu Motor Machine Tool Case Manufacturing is located in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, which produces automatic semi-automatic sticker labelling machines under Sticker labelling category, then on. They have established a considerable client base in India and other countries owing to their effective quality management system that meets the international standards. Both OEM and ODM services are provided by Kunshan Yitelu Mould & Machine Factory.

Commencing operations – June 2014

Products Soled-Automatic Bottle Orienter- OPP Hot Glue Labeling Machine System/ Semi Automatic Sticker Labelling System/Electrical Accessories Packaging Solutions(Motorized coil dispenser+ winding machine);
Address – No. 1478, Jibian road,Guyang town,Kunshan city,Jiangsu Province;
Certification(s)- ISO9001:2000 certified,Famous brand of China label printing equipment,Thoughtful procurement — Triple-A Credible Enterprise’s contributions etc.;
Special feature(s) available-OEM/ODM service /comprehensive testing capabilities/Males preparation Facility/Turkey Project Service Etc.


Nanjing Leji Precision Tool Technology Co., Ltd.

LejitekjXying Model Manufacturing is specialized in designing manufacturing precision tools machinery systems,servo control /c Labeling Machine ircumferential orientation transmission optimization ,which offers solutions for all types labeling needs both local foreign big/small company firms,on-line with their cGMP requirements too.This type of mechanical entity helps wrapping machines seal products much tighter securely than ever before we moved production here from Europe ten years ago.Thereafter sets up several after-sale around-customer’s demands win-win situations get sustainable development together!

Commencing operations – April,2017

Products sold – high speed rotary models (up-to capacity 25000BPH),cylindrical containers printers,model designed heavy duty bottle orienter labellers/Semi automatic flat surface round double header batch codes printer,
Address – Resin Hi-tech Park,Qiaolin Street,Pukou,Nanjing,China
Certifications – ISO9001:2015 certified by INTERTEK/Multiple Patents established in China and abroad/CVET Certified Etc.
Special feature – Customized Solutions available/Strict Quality Control system etc.

Contact details –,+86-25-58864998


In conclusion, China has several leading players in the labeling machinery business. Each of the above mentioned companies have set up their individual identities while providing various customized solutions to cater to specific needs. In general, these businesses offer world-class products with strict quality control systems that help increase productivity and efficiency while maximizing customer satisfaction.

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